The deadline for the Ex to pay me out of our house was rapidly approaching all the while I’m trying to find out how to get the house up to scratch so we could get it on the market.

The Ex was not being very co-operative and was requesting an extension of time to buy me out of the house, siting that he had a job lined up to start at the end of January.  Against my better judgement not to grant this extension, I went along with my lawyers suggestion to give him a few more months.

The whole time, I had a niggling feeling in my gut that this was the wrong choice but tried to ignore it.  I’d learn years later not to ignore this gut feeling for more often than not, it’s spot on.

For a few weeks, things seemed to be going along smoothly.  The Ex returned from overseas, started his new job and was supposedly on track to get the loan re-approved.

Then suddenly without any discussion, I receive a letter from my lawyer stating that the Ex couldn’t get financing and therefore the house was to be sold as per the court order.  What the????

In that moment I felt like the ground had been ripped out from underneath me.  Despite my gut feeling, this still came as a shock to me.  I finally lost the plot.  All that calm and composed façade I’d been projecting to the outside world came crashing down. 

Dangerously close to tears the boys started asking me what was wrong.  Not wanting them to see me cry, I did the only thing I could do, I went for a shower, sat myself on the floor and cried my eyes out. 

I’ve always used the shower as my go to place for when I’m upset.  This is because I can wail like a banshee, cry my eyes out and then have the water wash away my tears before taking a deep breath as I step out and face the world again.  It also helps that there is a lock on the door so my kids can’t see me falling apart. 

After my shower meltdown, I did what I do best.  I picked myself up and started working out what I needed to do to get the house on the market.  Then I remembered that the house was in complete shambles and that I’d have to somehow find the money to finish the renos and get it up to a saleable condition before I could do anything. 

In the previous two years that the Ex had been in charge of finishing the renos, he’d supposedly spent $17,000 of our joint monies ‘finishing off’ things.  The only thing he’d really achieved was wasting our money making the house look worse than ever and burnt through all our money.

Not one to give up without a fight, I contacted the Real Estate Agent I’d been liaising with over the past few months and asked if he could recommend a builder and landscaper.  As luck would have it, he knew a local builder who worked together with his son who was a landscaper.  Not wasting anytime, I contacted this builder and within 2 weeks the house was on the market.  What my Ex had failed to achieve in two years and nearly $40,000 I’d achieved in 2 weeks and $24,000. 

Ten days later we got our first offer on the house.  But yep, you guessed, it couldn’t be that easy could it?

To find out more, tune in next time.

Thanks for reading.

Love and gratitude