Still reeling from the fallout of the last few weeks, I got back on with life, trying to enjoy the last few weeks of my Uni holidays. 

Just before Uni was to return, I received a call from the University asking me if I’d like to do some casual work.  Having not received any child support for nearly two months, I jumped at the chance to get a little extra cash. 

Little did I know that little bit of extra cash was going to cost me a few thousand dollars in the months to come.

You see, what I didn’t realise (or even think of) at the time, was that by working a few weeks casually at the Uni, I triggered a section in our court order that would see me go from paying for 2 flights a year to 4 flights a year for the children to see their father.

Confused yet?  Yep, so was I.  As I was a fulltime student when we separated, I had it written into the court order that I only had to pay for 2 flights a year until I started work again.  Silly me thought this meant fulltime employment once I finished Uni and it didn’t occur to me to even check it.  But my Ex certainly did.  I don’t even know how he found out I was working but next thing I know I received a letter from his lawyer stating I was to now pay for an extra 2 flights a year.

Lesson number one, always read the fine print!  The worst part was, I only worked for 3 weeks and then went back to be a fulltime student (for the next 15 months) but unfortunately this didn’t matter, I was still on the hook for these extra flights regardless.

To make matters worse, the Ex had put in for a non-agency payment to Child Support for the last payment he made to me in December (under private agreement) after he was made redundant and suddenly I had to find the money to pay him back. 

At this stage, I didn’t even know what a non-agency payment was, let alone why I had to pay him money when I had the kids fulltime and he was enjoying an overseas holiday.  But anyone who’s had the pleasure of dealing with the child support system knows it’s not always about what’s right or fair.

This was just the first of many new things I would eventually learn about the child support system and compared to what was around the corner, a non-agency payment was going to start looking like a good thing.

Tune in next time to find out what happened next.

Thanks for reading.

Love and Gratitude