In almost every divorce or separation, at some stage, there is bound to be a discovery of lies, deceit or betrayal.  In my case, it was all of the above.  This was definitely one trifecta that wasn’t paying for the better.

In my last post, I was a little excited that we’d finally had our court orders signed off and I was eagerly awaiting the cash settlement I was to receive from our property settlement.  I’d already started looking for a new house to buy to give the children and I some much needed stability and permanency.  Life was finally looking up.

That was until the Ex decided to do a very dumb thing.  You see, just as our final orders were being sealed my Ex was being made redundant, throwing a huge spanner in the works.  He’d already been granted pre-approval to buy me out of our house, so this shouldn’t have been an issue.  That is until he decided to send the loans manager an email notifying them he’d be on ‘extended leave overseas’ and to send all future correspondence to his personal email.

That would have been fine, had he not sent it from his work email address, you know the one he’s no longer going to have after that day.  Well, the loans manager did what any normal person does and hit reply, sent a response and was greeted with an out of office notification stating the Ex no longer worked for the company.  Yep, you guessed it, bye bye loan.

Of course, this was the loans manager’s fault.  I remember the Ex ringing me to go on a rant about how the F*ing idiot at the bank stuffed everything up.  Going on about how they should have responded his personal email.  Failing to see where he’d gone wrong and that it’s human nature for people to hit reply, not the new address in the email.  Pointing out that he should have sent the email from his personal email only inflamed him even more. 

Needless to say, I was rapidly seeing my soon to be new found financial freedom vanishing before my eyes.  But don’t worry, it didn’t stop the Ex from enjoying a 3-month European holiday, after all, now that he’d been made redundant, he no longer had to pay any child support. 

As the deadline for him to buy me out under loomed, I began to panic because the next step was to sell the house and unfortunately it was in the middle of renovations and in complete disrepair.  Adding to the mix was that I now lived in Townsville, our former home was in Brisbane and the Ex was gallivanting around Europe.  A quick, easy solution was not about to materialise before my eyes, that’s for sure.

Little did I know that the next move I made was going to cost me dearly.

Stay tuned to the next blog to find out what happened next.

Thanks for reading.

Love and gratitude